ScoreBound is the official on-ice and off-ice development program for the Manchester Flames.

NH Sportsplex is the official off-ice training facility for ScoreBound.

ScoreBound focuses on fundamental hockey skills that will give you the foundation to become a competitive hockey player.

ScoreBound will help you reach your goals no matter your age or skill level.

Founded in 2005, ScoreBound, LLC was created with a mission to develop training products, programs, and drills to simulate game-like situations but in a controlled
environment. These practices are designed to teach the player skills and techniques that will enable them to enhance or improve their goal scoring instincts. The ScoreBound training sessions have been developed to enable the player to maximize his/her scording ability with repetitious drills and programs for their muscle memory, confidence, and development as they strive to reach their goals in a fun, result driven atmosphere.

ScoreBound offers training in the following skill areas:

Our one-of-a-kind training facility contains: